Don't quit your day job

its my birthday on friday and im gonna buy so many records and theres one im really excited to show everyone cause its awesome but so impractical? like im never gonna be in the mood to listen to it but its just one that i should have 

WOAH Suge Knight was shot 6 times last night???

Hmmmm, street justice???

Take The Blame So I Don't Have To
Spooky Black/Leaving EP


This is so terrible but like, I discovered Soulseek the other night and like, I’m someone who actively purchases new music because you know, support the artist, but guh. So. Much. Music.

Worlds Apart
Pallbearer/Foundations Of Burden


This album is quickly becoming a 2014 favorite for me. 

It’s official. New Aphex Twin album to be released THIS (motherfucking) year; SYRO. Fuck.

Ok if Aphex twin puts out an album this year tbh I’m gonna cry and probably shut this blog down and do nothing for the rest of time but listen to Aphex twin

Woo! Tickets acquired! Anyone?

Woo! Tickets acquired! Anyone?

Gonna sit around listening to Boris and Pallbearer all day. 2014 is actually starting to shape up.

Oh and I found a download for new Caribou so I’m floatin!

real talk

hey guys, so i’ve been running this blog for a few years now (also, holy fuck), and it’s kind of doubled as a personal blog as well as a music blog so thanks for putting up with my reviews of asap ferg as well as me crying about girls when im drunk every other night.

but on the subject of reviews (and this entire text post will be in lower case because im trying to be subtle), myself and two of my close friends have started another blog together that is strictly meant for music. we’ll be posting reviews (where we will not be assigning numerical values to the album, instead just offering up an opinion of the album [we want to stay away from being lumped in to review sites like pitchfork and the needle drop]), playlists, weekly mixes, vinyl hauls, live show reviews, and of course, year end lists. 

i’m trying to get back into the habit of writing reviews as 2014 has been a slacker year for me (i dont think ive done a single review?), so if that’s something that you’re interested in, the blog url is below. hope to see you there!

and yeah of course we named the blog after the vinyl shop in high fidelity because we’re hella predictable and the championship vinyl group started out as a facebook group 2 years ago. don’t hold it against me, i promise there’s quality here.


I gotta big chain, big name, black watch, blue range. In my concerts, we 50 deep like Wu-Tang

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Why not drink a ton because we can’t be together