Don't quit your day job

can I open a PayPal account and take donations for “Get Jake A Sealed Copy Of No Love Deep Web” on vinyl lol




Well I bought this 40 of Wiser’s so I guess I’ll listen to Sleep

RSD is coming to a close…hope everyone had a productive/lucky day

RSD is coming to a close…hope everyone had a productive/lucky day

I am in so fucking deep

Went into work today and got a scope of our RSD releases…I’m a little disappointed at the ones we got as it’s definitely not as good as last year but I managed to grab 3 things…one seven inch and two debut 12” albums, one with vinyl so gorgeous it will make your fucking heads spin. I’ll be posting my haul tomorrow night. Happy hunting, everyone!




reblogging my own goddamn post because this track doesn’t have enough notes

The Haxan Cloak’s “Excavation” would probably make the Top 10 list if in 10 years I go through my favorite albums from the last decade. It’s that fucking good. Every time I listen to it I don’t ever want to listen to anything else again

He picked new Tokyo Police Club and DARKSIDE which is a complete triumph for me….Rush and The Police one day, Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington the next.

Except he covered the debit machine with his hand when he put in his pin which I think is weird as fuck. In any case, bravo, sir. Bravo for stepping out of your comfort zone